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Who is WING Plastics?

Beginning in 2000, from a need for an Australian based company that produces top

quality, high performance, flexible packaging, WING Plastics have grown to become

an Australian leader.

From the start, WING made strides in the 'all Australian market' and have ensured their product stays that way.  Raw materials are sourced from local suppliers and extruded at our South Australian manufacturing plant.

                                           We continue to invest in top-of-the-line machinery to produce the highest quality                                                       product available for your company.


                                           We understand that running an efficient and profitable business is important.                                                              Increasingly, automated plastic packaging is part of the solution.

                                           Whilst we work nationally, we think globally.  Our advanced production facility is

                                            world-class.  Equipped with the latest in flexible packaging and printing                                                                      technology, especially suited to WING's production and service goals.

As we use only Australian-made polyethylene manufactured to our strict quality specifications, we can guarantee the durability and performance of our finished product. Our packaging will perform reliably on your high-speed lines reducing the potential for waste and disruption to production times. 

With experienced Management, Production and Service Teams who share a passion for making and supplying quality products tailored to meet customers needs, WING are a shining example of an All-Australian company leading the way in flexible packaging.

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How are we Leading the Way?

Our research and development team are always on the

lookout for new and improved ways of assisting our clients

reduce their plastic usage with innovative and

ground-breaking technology.

Currently working with Compostable packaging visionaries, WING are excited to be a part of the solution with the creation of some of the most ingenius, waste-saving, environmentally friendly packaging the world has seen.  

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